Hopefully by now you've gotten yourself excited for Skyfall, the upcoming James Bond film that doesn't just bring back Daniel Craig as the fearless super spy, but brings in Oscar-winner Sam Mendes to direct it, and the legendary Roger Deakins to shoot it. The talent offscreen is matched by the actors too, with Javier Bardem, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris all on board for their first Bond, and Judi Dench returning as M too.

With all that going for it, you'd be right to wish you could see Skyfall now, and not when it comes to theaters November 9. But it turns out, there is one way to get a look at Skyfall before most anyone else in North America. The film's official Twitter feed had a pretty exciting announcement for Bond fans today:

As you can probably imagine, tickets for this ought to sell out fast, so find your local IMAX theater and reserve your spot. Of course, Bond fans in the United Kingdom will be able to see it even earlier, with an October 26 release planned over there-- but that still won't spoil the grandeur of seeing something like Skyfall on the giant IMAX screen. I mean, you've seen the trailers for this right? It looks gorgeous.

To see the the trailers, images, and everything else you need to know about Skyfall, click here.

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