James Caan May Join Sandler's I Hate You Dad

With its release date less than fourteen months away, I Hate You Dad is starting to round out its principal cast to begin filming shortly. Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg are already in place as the combative father and son, but now directors Sean Anders and John Morris are eyeing a possible addition of James Caan. The star of such favorites as The Godfather, Elf and Way Of The Gun still works regularly, and while the intended role hasn’t been revealed yet, I suspect it will be to play Sandler’s father. How would that be for three subsequent generations? Stern father, goofy son and even goofier grandson.

According to The Wrap, Ken Marino and David Wain recently did a rewrite on the script; so, expect the dialogue to be hilarious and a bit perverse. The basic premise follows Sandler’s character as he moves in with his son and fiancé right before the pair is set to tie the knot. The title lets us know the cohabitation does not go well.

I have to say I really like the mix of comedic sensibilities here. Directors Sean Anders and John Morris were responsible for Hot Tub Time Machine, which should mesh well with the writers of The State, which should mesh well with Sandler, who should be able to play effectively off Samberg. It sounds great on paper. Let’s see if the result is as seamless. Caan is the one oddball in the equation, but every comedy needs a disapproving glare. Few do it better than Sonny Corleone.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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