For better or for worse, you can thank James Cameron for the current era of 3D films we're living in . Of course, Cameron pioneered 3D technology that looked like nothing you'd ever seen in Avatar, and didn't exactly ask for a wave of copycats and poorly converted 3D films to follow. But he's been a huge cheerleader for the format for almost a decade now, and even when the bloom seems to very much be off the 3D rose based on what we're hearing from you guys, Cameron is taking his 3D campaign even further by taking it overseas.

According to Reuters Cameron announced today that he's backing a joint venture that will bring 3D filmmaking technology to China, meaning that the 3D films becoming big hits over there will no longer just be the giant American imports. The Cameron Pace Group, which Cameron founded 12 years ago with camera expert Vince Pace, made $58 million last year renting 3D cameras to various companies, and by teaming up with two state-owned Chinese companies they will make that technology available to Chinese filmmakers. As Cameron said it, "We're not going to tell Chinese film makers how to make movies. We are going to help them make a transition to 3D production technology as cost effectively as possible, and in a way that doesn't inhibit creativity."

Though we hear all the time about China being an enormous market for American films, the homegrown Chinese film industry is enormous as well, especially because the government strictly limits the amount of foreign films that are allowed to be shown there (and, in some cases, inspiring giant changes in movies in order to increase the likelihood of a Chinese audience). Titanic 3D was the highest grossing film in the first half of the year, but many homegrown productions did huge business as well-- and Cameron surely knows that the addition of 3D technology will only boost them. In a way he's damaging himself, giving Chinese filmmakers more ability to compete with his own films in a huge market, but it's been clear for a while now that Cameron is more interested in the technology of film than the stories themselves. When Avatar 2 comes along it will surely do great in China-- but it will have a lot of homemade 3D competition as well.

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