Jamie Foxx Goes Deep And Dark For First Short Film And She Was My Eve

While we’re still waiting for and wondering about the delayed horror/sci-fi anthology series that the multi-talented Jamie Foxx is developing for Syfy, we now have a pretty good look at what it might look like, as Foxx just dropped his directorial debut, the exceedingly strange short film And She Was My Eve. The short was made in collaboration with Ron Howard and camera giant Canon’s Project Imaginat10n, which takes fan-submitted photographs and works a film around them. In steps Foxx and his wacky ass sense of style, along with writer Allan Loeb (Rock of Ages), and this unique short somehow came together.

Tyrin Turner (Menace II Society) plays a man whose ability to communicate with women was stunted as a child, when he embarrassed himself in front of his schoolmates. As an adult, he apparently thinks the only way that he’ll find love is if he creates it at home, like a modern Victor Frankenstein. His monster/lover is played by Samantha Nagel (Body Shots) - or at least a mannequinized version of her. It would be strange enough if the description of the movie ended there, but that's only the story. Foxx has a good number of oddball treats for viewers, such as the story setting of Make ‘Em County, USA, or the paranoid neighbor woman with the scraggly beard and the amber-colored teeth (not to mention her hulking husband.) I was almost put off by the over-the-top moments like the neighbor’s twerking or taking gulps of booze after saying she isn’t drunk, but it all sort of works to balance the ridiculousness of this guy trying to create love out of an inanimate object. Just because it’s more emotional doesn’t actually make it any more reasonable, and I like that.

I genuinely love that he has to go to this Land of Digital Eyeballs with a tooth-mouthed creature in order to pick out her eyes, and how creepy it is for the guy to have dressed the woman in this big elaborate dress. I’m just glad we didn’t have to watch him try and put it on her.

In talking with MTV about how the film came together, Foxx said, "I really enjoyed the whole process of picking the pictures. I just came up with the story of it on the spot, when the pictures came through. I wanted it to be weird enough to be a short film…and it turned out great." I’ll say. "And we ate ice cream forever," is now one of my favorite final lines of a film.

To be expected, this experiment has whet Foxx’s appetite for filmmaking, the actor telling MTV, "I want to be able to do things with no constraints and really just go at it. I’ve got a couple of comedies I want to make and a thriller I want to direct." With echoes of Booty Call bouncing around my brain, I certainly hope he goes for that thriller first.

What did you guys think of Foxx’s first flick?

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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