Jason Bourne Feature Has Tons Of New Footage And A Few Important Answers

Fans of a particular action franchise were elated when we learned that Matt Damon was back for another Bourne movie. While details of the new film, simply titled Jason Bourne, have been difficult to come by, a new featurette appears to include some unexpected details about what the film is truly all about. Check it out below.

For the majority of the Bourne franchise, the super agent has been at odds with his former masters at the CIA. While he couldn’t remember who he was, it was difficult for him to trust anybody, and that included them. The more he learned, the less he trusted his old bosses. The trailers that we’ve seen have given the impression that this dynamic was going to continue, with Julia Stiles' character going off the reservation and the CIA tracking both her and Matt Damon's Bourne. However, based on this new information in the clip, it looks like Jason Bourne will be back working WITH the CIA to some degree. The world is apparently falling apart and the agency feels that bringing in Jason Bourne is the only way to stop it. The clip also promises us all the remaining answers to Bourne’s identity. Whether this is something the CIA is offering in order to get his help, or he figures things out in spite of them, is still unclear.

While Jason Bourne may be working with the CIA here, it certainly doesn’t look he’ll be trusting them very far. This looks to be more like a pair of enemies that have discovered they have a common objective. The plot looks to revolve around a data breach at the CIA and a leak of information that could cost lives. Bourne feels obligated to help, so we can assume the data probably includes information that he wants as well.

The other thing that this feature points out is that Matt Damon has been making Bourne movies for a really long time. Watch the opening montage again. That guy was young back then. Damn, Jason Bourne has gotten old. Although, as Matt Damon himself points out, it has been 16 years since he was cast in the role, 14 years since the first movie was released.

Matt Damon calls Jason Bourne "bigger" than any of the previous films. This will be welcome news for fans of the franchise who are hoping for big things from the return of team Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass. The previous Bourne trilogy has been a solid series of action films that are pretty universally loved. We’re certainly hoping that Jason Bourne will continue this trend when the film is released this July. Are you excited to see the future of Jason Bourne? Let us know in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
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