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Jason Segel And Emily Blunt Push Back Their Marriage In First Trailer For The Five-Year Engagement

Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller are quickly establishing themselves as one of the best duos working in comedy right now. It started, of course, with the hilarious Forgetting Sarah Marshall in 2008, and, unless you've been living under a rock (or live in a foreign country - sorry) you know that The Muppets is one of the best films of the year. But they're not wasting any time producing more films. Next year the pair is coming out with a new comedy called The Five Year Engagement, and today we have the first trailer for you.

Check out the preview below or in HD over on Yahoo!

From Chris Pratt's song about all the ladies that Jason Segel has banged to the little girl shooting Emily Blunt in the leg with an arrow, this trailer is hilarious from top to bottom. The movie also has an incredible supporting cast that includes Alison Brie, David Paymer, Jacki Weaver, Rhys Ifans, Jim Piddock and Mimi Kennedy, so I wouldn't be too surprised if they ended up stealing the show. If the films ends up being even half as great as Forgetting Sarah Marshall it will be fantastic, and it looks like it will be much more than that.

We also has the first poster and two new stills for the film. Check them out below and click each one to see it in our Blend Film Database!

In The Five-Year Engagement, Segel and Blunt play Tom and Victoria, a couple that decides to get engaged. But as things begin to change in their lives, the wedding gets postponed longer and longer and they are forced to deal with the ups and downs in their relationship. The film is directed by Stoller, who co-wrote the script with Segel, and the movie is scheduled to hit theaters on April 27, 2012.

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