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In the fourteen years that he's been acting, Jason Statham hasn't exactly shown a lot of range. It's hard to imagine a day where he does a brilliant drama or comedy and ends up with an Academy Award nomination. But do you know what? That's totally okay. Statham has found his niche as an ass-kicking action god and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Need proof? Check out the new trailer for Boaz Yakin's Safe.

The new spot - which is a bit shorter than your standard trailer - comes to us from Machinima and you can watch it below.

In the film, Jason Statham stars as Luke Wright, who was once New York's best cop but has since retired. He's called back into action, however, when he learns of a young girl who has been kidnapped by the Triads. She has used her photographic memory to remember the combination to a safe that contains material not only being pursued by the Triads, but by the Russian Mafia and New York's dirtiest cops as well. It becomes Wright's mission to not only protect the little girl, but get to the lock box first. Safe, which was both written and directed by Boaz Yakin, arrives in theaters on April 27th. To see more from the film head over to our Blend Film Database.

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