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David O. Russell is looking to reunite his Academy Award-nominated/winning Silver Linings Playbook cast with his next venture, Joy. But getting them together is a bit of a house-of-cards situation.

Jennifer Lawrence is attached to lead Joy, a biopic that will unfurl the rags to riches story of the inventor of the Miracle Mop, Joy Mangano. While appearing at a Q&A at the Holland Centre in Omaha, David O. Russell revealed he hopes to also wrangle Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper into the cast. The Playlist reports Russell said:
"I think I’d very much like (Robert) De Niro to be in it, I think he’s gonna be in it. And of course I always create a role for Bradley Cooper. I try to have things people have never done. Then they can get excited, and it’s exciting for audiences. That’s what makes it daring in some way."

Joy is looking to lens in Boston in February of 2015. But David O. Russell has a lot of contracts to work out ahead of time. For one thing, THR reports the film nearly fell apart over salary demands for Jennifer Lawrence, the hotly sought headliner of The Hunger Games franchise. Production was bumped back a month so Russell could rework the script originally penned by Bridesmaids Oscar-nominated scribe Annie Mumolo. Reportedly, Russell was looking to make a male lead role more enticing to Leonardo DiCaprio, and a supporting role as a QVC executive more dazzling for his recurring collaborator Bradley Cooper, who is not yet signed.

However, if Russell wants Lawrence, his tinkering can't go on much longer as she's set to shoot X-Men: Apocalypse in April. And as that superhero sequel will be focusing on the relationship between Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique and Michael Fassbender's Magneto, the in-demand ingénue won't have a flexible schedule. But Lawrence seems committed to Joy, rebuffing another attachment to The Weinstein Company's The Ends of The Earth, even though her deal on the former hasn't closed.

As for Robert De Niro, he's in negotiations for the role of Mangano's father, but THR says he won't commit until Lawrence is locked. It's expected the filmmakers and Lawrence's team will come to a compromise soon. And it's a good thing because Joy sounds like the kind of role the talented actress can really sink her teeth into. According to David O. Russell, "It’s the story of a certain woman, what’s going on inside her from a young girl, broke, to when she becomes a bit of a mogul, a bit of a power broker. And the people she’s surrounded by are extremely ... she has very complicated, deep, personal family relationships, which are the bane of her and the reason she is who she is."

If Joy does shoot in February, it's conceivable we'd see it in theaters as soon as the fall of 2015. Just in time for awards season.

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