Jennifer Lawrence Wants To Play An Assassin On Screen, Get The Details

History can be funny, especially when it comes to the lives of infamous leaders and dictators. One of the most interesting in all of human history has always been Cuba's Fidel Castro, and a lesser known chapter of his life is making the rounds in Hollywood – with Jennifer Lawrence eager to be a part of the proceedings.

Lawrence, along with Sony Pictures, has been following the movement of Marita, a script written by American Hustle's Eric Warren Singer. The Joy actress is currently attached to the project, as The Hollywood Reporter has recently discovered, and it sounds like quite the historical epic. The film focuses on its namesake, Marita Lorenz, who became Castro's live-in mistress at the age of 19 and would eventually be recruited to help assassinate him on behalf of the CIA. Of course, as it always does, love got in the way, and swayed Lorenz not to take the life of her favorite dictator.

Marita promises a tale of romance and assassination the likes of which we hardly ever see outside of a James Bond film, with the added bonus of being an actual story out of history. Even more interesting is the fact that considering Jennifer Lawrence's level of interest in the project, it wouldn't be a surprise if we saw her name attached to the project not only as its star, but also as its producer. Speaking of hypothetical scenarios of little surprise, the director's chair seems just primed for David O. Russell to take the lead, considering both Lawrence and Eric Warren Singer worked with the director on 2013's American Hustle.

Of course, one of the bigger unknowns about Marita is whether or not the film will be a fully entrenched period piece that only showcases the period of time between 1959, when Lorenz first fell in with Castro, and 1960, when she embarked on the mission she'd abandon out of love. On the outside, that does seem to be the most viable option, as the film could center around Marita Lorenz's relationship with the dictator with great detail. However, taking the traditional biopic route wouldn't be a bad choice either, considering the would-be assassin did everything from romance another world leader to claim being a connection in the JFK assassination, all the while living a life worthy of two autobiographies.

While Jennifer Lawrence has currently finished up Passengers, it looks like Marita might take a little while to get to the big screen. Not only is she linked to Darren Aronofsky's next mystery project, she also has the proposed Lynsey Addario biopic, It's What I Do on her dance card. With that last project planning to team the Academy Award winning actress with director Steven Spielberg, the powers that be on Marita better find a director with enough pull or loyalty with Lawrence to keep her from jumping ship.

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