Jersey Boys Put Into Turnaround By Warner Bros.

For a short time things were looking up for director Jon Favreau's adaptation of the Broadway hit Jersey Boys. Originally the project was struggling over at Sony, as the studio and the filmmakers couldn't see eye to eye about the budget, but things immediately looked up when GK Films, the production company behind the movie, signed a deal with Warner Bros. and brought Jersey Boys with them. It was said that WB would be turning the musical into a priority, with plans to have it in thetaers by Christmas 2013, but apparently something has stopped the film dead in its tracks.

Variety says that Jersey Boys' path at the new studio has come to an end and that the project is now in turnaround. The new story says that initial reports about Warners interest in the film were actually false and that the studio "was never high on the project which, given its subject matter, may have limited appeal to international [audiences]." While no cast has been signed on for the movie yet, Favreau is still attached as a director and there is a script written by John Logan (that dude is everywhere!) The team behind the film was looking at the possibility of having actors such as John Magaro, Dominic Cooper, Vincent Piazza, Paul Dano and James Badge Dale star in the movie as members of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, but no official offers ever went out.

The trade says that there still may be hope for the adaptation , as Paramount will be meeting with GK Films' Graham King tomorrow about the possibility to rescuing the movie. We'll see how those talks go.

Eric Eisenberg
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