Jessica Stroup Joins Seth MacFarlane's Ted

90210 support Jessica Stroup has just joined Seth MacFarlane's live action movie Ted. She's just the latest in a series of names to join the project that already includes Mark Wahlberg, Joel McHale, Patrick Warburton, Mila Kunis and Giovani Ribisi. In the film, she'll play a woman working underneath Joel McHale's character whose already experienced many of his strange sexual proclivities first hand, much to the amusement of her co-worker played by Mila Kunis.

Ted follows the long strange journey of Mark Wahlberg's character, a grown man saddled by a big fuzzy problem. When he was a kid, he wished his teddy bear the power to speak. Someone up there listened, but now, more than two decades later, his cuddly buddy has evolved into a loathsome, morally-bankrupt stuffed animal that keeps his owner sleazing it up at the expense of progress.

This script has Seth MacFarlane's name written all over it. Between the talking animals, sexual deviants and manboy main character, there are few working directors who would think up such a notion, let alone make it their live-action debuts. Not that that's a problem. It's always good to have a wide range of talented directors contributing material from all over the comedic spectrum. If everyone wrote comedies like Wes Anderson, the world would be a much more emo place.

According to THR, there's still no word on exactly when Ted might head into production, but with many of the supporting roles already cast, it shouldn't be long. With MacFarlane's name and this cast, the movie is one hilarious trailer away from a big opening weekend.

Mack Rawden
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