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Jimmy Fallon Won't Host The Oscars After All

We were really, really excited to hear last week that the Academy was looking to Jimmy Fallon to host next year's Oscar ceremony-- so much that we wrote a whole screed in support of it. But the dream is apparently not to be. Appearing on the Today show from the London Olympics this morning, Fallon confirmed "I'm not going to do the Oscars." You can see it in the video below, after some joking around about a Downton Abbey and a quiz about silly Olympian names:

Fallon confirms he was in talks by noting that it's an "honor to be asked by the Academy," and the disappointment in his voice suggests it wasn't actually his choice to turn the gig down. And indeed, The LA Times-- which broke the story about Fallon potentially hosting to begin with-- confirms that negotiations have broken own, largely because DIsney Chief Executive Bob Iger objected to Fallon hosting because he hosts a show on NBC that's a direct rival of Jimmy Kimmel's own show on ABC. The Oscars air on ABC each year, and giving such a big platform to a network rival would have been a bridge too far for Iger-- even though, as the Times points out, NBC's own Johnny Carson hosted the Oscars several times in the 80s.

Though Fallon won't be up on stage, it's still entirely possible that Saturday Night Live mastermind Lorne Michaels will be behind it, as Iger is still open to have Michaels on board. It's really a shame to see Fallon lose out on this opportunity-- I don't think I'm just jumping to conclusions when I see serious disappointment on his face in that clip. Fallon has proven himself a fantastic awards show host in the past, and I can only hope that eventually Iger will prioritize an energetic awards show over some inane network loyalty.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend