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Joe Carnahan is on a roll. Earlier this year, he delivered a solid survival thriller in The Grey which earned a somewhat-surprising $77M at the worldwide box office and gave us our first official look at Liam Neeson punching a wolf. It’s hard to go up from there, but Carnahan will attempt to extend his hot streak with a project titled Continue, which he just set up at 20th Century Fox.

A while back, Carnahan described the plot of his Continue as an action-movie spin on Groundhog Day, according to Twitch. It would feature a soldier forced to relive the same brutal day over and over, forcing him to fend off a team of assassins trying to kill him for some unknown reason. How can he survive the deadly attacks and break the cycle? And will a wolf need to be punched to disrupt the circular time line? (OK, that last part if just a wish of ours.)

Carnahan has been in the Fox fold before, directing the studio’s reboot of the classic TV series The A-Team back in 2010. That film made $177M worldwide, so it’s understandable why Fox would be willing mto bankroll this passion project for the now-proven director.

What’s unclear is whether Carnahan will move forward with Continue instead of the planned Death Wish reboot he announced a while back. If we’re being honest, we’d much rather see Carnahan tackle an original-sounding concept like Continue over yet another rendition of the avenging angel that is the Death Wish template. But it’s possible the director’s locked into a deal that would mean Continue continues once Death Wish has been delivered. Stay tuned for more details.

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