As movie journalists from across the country convene in Arizona for a John Carter press junket, Walt Disney continues to ramp up its marketing campaign with video clips showing off some of the action. After the recent Super Bowl trailer, we have two new clips to share: “Canyon Escape” and “Legacy.” We have them below, so check them out.

Andrew Stanton’s adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel casts Taylor Kitsch as a Civil War veteran transported to Mars, where he’s caught up in an interplanetary battle between some truly bizarre alien races. Stanton reportedly shot in Utah and New Mexico, and you can tell from the expansive vistas of these clips that he made excellent use of the U.S. desert landscapes to replicate the red planet. (Seeing these clips on your computer doesn’t do them justice … you need to see them on the big screen to really appreciate them.)

The “Legacy” cut is more of a DVD fetaurette, with the cast swearing this is a character-driven story, despite the obvious reliance on special effects. I’m choosing to believe it, mainly because Stanton directed my two favorite Pixar films (Finding Nemo and WALL-E), and I know he wouldn’t sign on to an empty project just to make the leap to live action.

We’ll know for sure soon enough, as Disney’s prepping to open John Carter in theaters on March 9. Are you excited by these clips? Do you have as much faith in Stanton as I do? Let us know in the comments below.

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