John Woo Strikes Ninja Gold

There was a time when the release of a new John Woo movie was an event. That time ended with the release of Mission: Impossible II. Now the release of John Woo movie goes about the way it went with Paycheck. In other words, nobody notices.

Fox Atomic however, seems pretty excited to be working with him. They’ve announced via the Hollywood Reporter that they’ll be working with John Woo on a videogame to movie adaptation. The bad news is that Woo is in charge of it, and we’ll probably have to put up with excessive slo-mo and the random insertion of doves. The good news it that it will have ninjas, and you can’t really go wrong with ninjas.

The film, which Woo will direct and produce, is based on a concept currently being used to create a game called Ninja Gold. It sounds like the game and the movie are being developed almost simultaneously, with Woo involved in the creation of the cast of characters which will be used in both. This new media approach of taking an idea and then spreading it across every possible media format hasn’t really worked yet, but it looks like John Woo will throw his hat in the ring and try it anyway.

Ninja Gold will be about a ninja. You probably had that figured out already. What you likely didn’t know from the title is that it’s about a ninja from a centuries old bloodline forced to “confront the reality of covert warfare in the modern world.” Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. Does that mean he’ll try to fight patriot missiles with a short sword? If so, expect the movie to clock in at well under 90 minutes. That only works for Samurai Jack.

Josh Tyler