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Jonah Hill Says 21 Jump Street Sequel Is Already Being Written

21 Jump Street isn’t set to it theaters for another few weeks, following it’s premiere at South by Southwest, but it seems a follow-up to the reboot of the ’80’s TV show is already in the works. Star and writer Jonah Hill confirms that a script for the sequel is being written.

It sounds like Columbia Pictures is feeling pretty confident about 21 Jump Street, as the studio has already given the greenlight for a script for a sequel. This, according to what Jonah Hill told E! at the Academy Awards last weekend. Hill, who not only stars in the film, but also co-wrote it with Michael Bacall, told E! they’re writing the sequel now, saying, “We got [the greenlight] by the studio to start writing the sequel.”

Whether talk of a sequel is good news remains to be seen. Between all of the remakes, and not having been a regular viewer of the series on which 21 Jump Street is based, I’ll admit that my interest in the film early on was marginal at best. Then I saw the trailer and the movie quickly moved up my list of most anticipated comedies this year. Hopefully the trailer, and Hill's comment to E! about it being the funniest movie he's ever been in ("That and Superbad") aren't overselling it, but the film looks like it could be one of the funnier movies this year.

21 Jump Street arrives in theaters on March 16. Watch a clip from the movie here, and find more information, photos and videos in our Blend Film Database. ?

Kelly West
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