Josh Duhamel Hides From The Flames In First Fire With Fire Image

Here's a fun fact: almost a third of Josh Duhamel movies also happen to be Transformers movies. Because he only started working in films in 2004, Duhamel has only appeared in 10 movies, which include all three Michael Bay robot disaster flicks. With the future of that particular franchise up in the air, however, Duhamel needs to start branching out. How about a movie in which he plays a firefighter?

In Fire With Fire, the actor does just that. Co-starring Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis and Vincent D'Onofrio, the movie is about a man named Jeremy Coleman(Duhamel) who sees a murder and is put into witness protection. When his loved ones, including his girlfriend (Dawson), begin to get harassed by associates of the murderer, Jeremy decides to fight back. The first image from the film has been posted by Entertainment Weekly, and you can see it below.

If I were in charge of Josh Duhamel's career, I would be doing my best to find him a script where he is forced to go up against his evil brother, played, of course, by Timothy Olyphant. Fire With Fire is directed by David Barret and will be released in 2012.

Eric Eisenberg
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