Is Josh Holloway Really Being Considered For Aquaman In Batman Vs. Superman?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: An actor might be part of a major motion picture blockbuster… but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Shortly after we reported on the names that are floating out of the Star Wars production offices, we turn our attention to a possible addition to Zack Snyder’s Batman-Superman team up movie. Lost star Josh Holloway, who’s now a leading man on ABC’s drama Intelligence, has been linked to the feature, and it’s even being suggested that he will play an important of the Justice League of America.

This, according to ComicBookMovie, which cites a source as saying Holloway is being considered. Information about whom Holloway will play is "not provided" but this anonymous source, but the site then speculates that Holloway could be up for Aquaman… which is a massive leap, yet one that they feel comfortable putting out there. Because he’s sort of blonde? Does that mean he could play this guy?


Let’s entertain this for a moment. Holloway is a good actor, who has proven that he can handle the grind of celebrity, having done his time in the spotlight as part of the hit television program Lost. The "stage" wouldn’t be too big for him, is what I’m getting it, and if you look at him as shirtless Sawyer in the above Lost image, yes, he could pull off Aquaman in a DC Cinematic Universe. He’s also more than a TV guy, having held down parts in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and, more important, Battle of the Year. You heard me.

That being said, it’s unlikely Holloway will play Aquaman in the upcoming Batman-Superman movie, and I’m skeptical he’s going to be in the movie, at all. Let’s talk about Aquaman. Snyder already has to worry about fitting Batman (Ben Affleck) into a Superman sequel. And the producers have revealed that Wonder Woman is part of this mix, as well. The Rock is flirting with DC characters, possibly stepping into the role of Green Lantern (or Cyborg, depending on whom you ask). This isn’t Spider-Man 3. Unless Batman-Superman is 16 hours long, there won’t be enough time to introduce the entire JLA in one movie.

But, rumors should be presented as conversation starters, and if Holloway is circling a role in the film, you’re free to speculate on whom he might play. For the record, I’d be shocked if Aquaman is part of Warner’s DC Universe plans. He’s an impossible character to bring to the screen… well, "difficult" more than impossible, simply for the amount of money you’d have to spend to bring his world to life on screen. Just ask Kevin "Waterworld" Costner. What do you think? Should Holloway play Aquaman? Should they use Aquaman at all? Weigh in.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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