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Joyful Noise Trailer Features Dolly Parton Covering Chris Brown Song

If you’re a sucker for unlikely covers or underdog stories involving music, you’ll want to check out this trailer for the upcoming film Joyful Noise. The film stars Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton as two women who work together to save a small town Gospel Choir from being shut down. Musical magic is likely to ensue when these two begin to butt heads.

In what is likely to be one of those feel-good movies that stands a good chance of causing overly emotional people like myself to tear up uncontrollably during the musical climax, Joyful Noise has two good things going for it from the start; Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. It isn’t exactly difficult to picture the two musicians/women in roles that require them to be a balance of bossy and likable. That appears to be what they’re going for in Joyful Noise. The trailer, originally posted at (opens in new tab) doesn’t hold back on the plot, and also includes a fair amount of samplings of the music featured in the film, including covers of Man in the MIrror and a Parton-sung version of Chris Brown’s Forever.

I especially love Parton and Latifah's banter about plastic surgery. The struggling Choir’s religious affiliation added to covers of popular songs gives the film a sort of Sister Act feel. While that might take some of the originality out of the story, this one looks like fun, especially for those who love films with a lot of music.

Joyful Noise is set to hit theaters this January.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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