Judd Apatow Planning Another Knocked Up Sequel Based Around His Daughters

You can poke fun at Judd Apatow all you want for continuing to cast his daughters in his movies-- he's still not gonna stop. In fact, he's considering making it a full trilogy of films in which Iris and Maude play the same characters, who started out as cherubic kids in Knocked Up and started going through some adolescent and pre-adolescent angst in This is 40. With the release of This is 40 just now happening in the UK, Apatow has started talking about what might be next-- and his daughters are definitely at the front of his mind.

"I think it's fun to see people grow up," Apatow said in a Getty interview (via Hey U Guys). He name-checked Truffaut, which might be considered pretentious, but is in fact a pretty good model for following a single character across various stages of life thanks to his four films about Antoine Doinel. But before you think Apatow has gotten all high-minded, he's also well aware of what might be his real motivations:

“When we first met Maude’s character, Sadie, she was 8-years-old, she didn’t understand where babies come from and know we see her five years later and she’s just cursing and screaming and having teenager problems so I’m thinking that maybe in the next one she’s in college…“…or maybe I’m just lazy and this is a great way to make home movies…”

Apatow has given himself a pretty big cushion for making the college-set movie, since his daughter is still just 14. That's probably the point, given how many other projects Apatow is involved with as a producer. Will we ever actually see the completion of the unofficial Knocked Up trilogy? Who knows. Will Apatow ever stop putting his kids in movies one way or another? Absolutely not.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend