So far, Dredd looks unhappy. That’s to be expected, I guess. Dude’s name is Dredd, after all. Smiles would be abnormal. But Karl Urban’s taking the intensity of the Judge Dredd role to heart in the promotional materials we’ve seen so far, including four new photos that recently surfaced online at We have them below:

The blonde is Olivia Thirlby, best known for playing Ellen Page’s best friend in Juno. She has been cast as Cassandra Anderson, a rookie judge who, we assume, is training under Urban’s Dredd. Damn, that last image is graphic. I’m not sure what Dredd’s firing at in the first photo, but it looks like he absolutely capped that dude who’s dead at the top of the stairs. And, not of encouragement to fans, he has his helmet on in every single shot we’ve seen so far. So maybe Hollywood did learn from the mistakes of the Sylvester Stallone version.

Then again, that’s Judge Dredd creator John Wagner promised in a recent interview. He said he has confidence that this new take will work. And if we can’t trust Wagner’s word on it, who can we believe?

As we reported, Pete Travis (Vantage Point) is tackling this new Dredd, with Urban (Star Trek) in the hulking lead. Lena Headley, Langley Kirkwood and Domhnall Gleeson co-star in a story that reportedly has Dredd and Anderson going after a gang that peddles a reality-altering drug known as SLO-MO. Dredd reaches theaters on Sept. 21.

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