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You probably already knew that Jurassic World was going to be rather successful when it finally hits cinemas on Friday. However, you probably didn’t realize quite how successful Jurassic World will be, and you might find yourself shocked by how many tickets are currently already being sold.

Fandango has revealed that Jurassic World is currently outselling every single summer blockbuster from 2014. For those of you with short memories, this is a list that includes X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Godzilla, and Chris Pratt’s previous cinematic adventure Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Last summer’s highest opening at the domestic box office came in the shape of Transformers: Age Of Extinction, which too in a little more than $100 million in its first weekend. Fandango’s revelation will have Universal dreaming that Jurassic World will match this total, while some executives are probably dreaming that it will exceed it. And they're probably right too. The fact that Fandango also revealed that Jurassic World currently represents over 90% of the site’s ticket sales for this weekend will only increase their excitement too.

It’s also worth noting that Universal is giving Jurassic World the best opportunity to make as much money as possible, because the fourth instalment to the adventure franchise is being opened on 4,237 theaters. That’s the widest opening ever from the studio. It also helps that that the domestic box office projections for 2015 are currently around $100 million down, which could suggest that herds of viewers may be flocking to their local cinemas this weekend, having saved up in anticipation. Because of all of this information, Deadline is estimating that Jurassic World could have an opening of anywhere between $110 million and $140 million.

Meanwhile, excitement over Jurassic World isn’t just restricted to the US. Overseas estimates have teased that it could make as much as $300 million when it opens in 66 other territories. This is likely to be inflated too, because of the fact that Jurassic World is also being released on IMAX and in 3D. Reviews for Jurassic World are currently embargoed, but early speculation regarding the dino-infested blockbuster has been very positive. If the critics get behind the film too, who knows how high the box-office figure could go.

It’s all looking rather good for the future of the Jurassic World franchise, and if these figures actually prove to be correct, then the potential follow-ups will be all but assured. Director Colin Trevorrow has already confirmed that he won’t be returning, but star Chris Pratt - who lit up the big screen last summer with the $750 million grossing Guardians Of The Galaxy - will almost surely return. And by that point he’ll be well on his way to being the most in demand leading man in Hollywood. Not bad for the former fatty from Parks & Rec.

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