Is Justice League CGI?

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with a bunch of strange rumors regarding Warner Brothers’ long gestating, movie version of the Justice League. Rumor was that Superman and Batman will be in the film, but that they won’t be played by Christian Bale or Brandon Routh. That seems like a strange decision, since Routh at least has been pretty adamant that he’s willing to play Supes in a JLA film.

Well Clint over at Moviehole may have an explanation. They have a scooper who says that the movie won’t be live action. That’s right, we may soon be watching a computer animated Justice League movie. Their source says, it's going to be a cgi film that utilizes motion capture technology to create a "photo-real" animated film, much like the upcoming Beowulf.”

If that’s the case, then it makes sense that Warners doesn’t seem interested in getting Bale or Routh involved. They don’t need them. What’s more, this could actually turn out to be pretty good. The cost of making a live action movie with so many different superheroes in it would be incredibly prohibitive. The resulting product would almost certainly be a disappointment. With computer animation though, sky is the limit. Just look at what The Incredibles was able to accomplish. I’m not entirely sold on the whole motion capture thing, but if they’ve really perfected it as so many people seem to believe, this could actually be a really good thing for JLA.

Josh Tyler