Now that Ben Affleck has confirmed he's not actually planning to direct a Justice League movie, we're free to keep wondering who Warner Bros. will turn to-- and it turns out, the answer may be right under our noses and theirs. The latest rumor says Andy and Lana Wachowski, who made the massive Cloud Atlas along with Tom Tykwer for Warner Bros., are being considered for the job, though as part of a wish list that may be miles and miles long.

With Cloud Atlas coming to theaters in October, and a debut at the Toronto Film Festival in just a few weeks, Warner Bros. is reportedly happy with the project, and seem to think the Wachowskis are ready for a return to franchise filmmaking for the first time since The Matrix. According to Moviehole, there's no telling whether or not the Wachowskis would actually want the job-- after all, The Matrix might already be there best superhero movie they can make-- and again, they're merely a pair of names that's currently on a wish list. But the duo clearly has the skill to handle large-scale action in addition to character, and the many narratives of Cloud Atlas likely show a great skill with ensemble casts, something that will be crucial for juggling the many big-name characters of a Justice League movie.

If the Wachowskis do indeed get the job, it will be a great sign for the quality of Cloud Atlas, and probably a good omen for Justice League as well. Yes, they've had their share of flops, and none of the Matrix movies lived up to the potential of the original, but the siblings are also daring and high skilled filmmakers, who might do well within the constraints of a pre-established superhero story. We'll keep an eye on this rumor and see if it amounts to anything; in the meantime, let us know in the comments what you think of this potential choice.

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