If the Justice League of America wasn’t facing enough problems between the writer’s strike and a reportedly “popcorn” script, now the movie is looking at having to relocate production. The movie, which was (theoretically) just days away from filming before getting shut down until the end of the strike, may be moving away from director George Miller’s native Australia and looking for somewhere else to place the Justice League’s headquarters.

The new obstacle for the super-hero team up isn’t about casting or scripting, but budgetary concerns. Apparently Miller was hoping to bring together a largely-Australian production team and earn the movie a forty percent tax incentive. Now the Aussie government is looking at limiting that rebate to movies that cost less than $30 million to make – something a super-human project like JLA couldn’t possibly accomplish. Hell, the special effects alone would probably cost more than that.

To make matters worse, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that some people don’t even think the movie should quality for the incentive without the cap. Stating the movie isn’t “Australian enough,” some producers want to limit the film to the fifteen percent rebate that is offered to foreign films.

George Miller needs to see the writing on the wall – this is just another sign that the world isn’t interested in a Justice League movie. Instead Miller says the movie may very well continue outside of Australia, possibly moving to Canada for production, although he mourns the loss of what this change could mean for Australian filmmaking, holding the industry back from being an international competitor. Sorry George, just move on to Happy Feet 2 and give up on the superhero story.

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