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The Justice League of America movie is coming in 2015. Warner Bros. continues to make moves behind the scenes to ensure that D.C. Comics’ mightiest heroes unite against a common foe that summer. And so while a director has yet to be hired and no one actually has been cast in the potential blockbuster yet, a villain has crossed our radars who would be massive enough to require Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more to join forces.

Latino Review is going on record to say that Darkseid will be the villain in the Justice League film. And from a certain perspective, that makes sense. The ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid’s considered to be one of the strongest foes in the D.C. Comics catalogue. Creator Jack Kirby has said he referenced Hitler when coming up with Darkseid (though he says that Jack Palance’s face inspired the villain’s look). Darkseid often sees anyone else with extreme power to be a threat. Maybe he witnesses Superman’s action’s in the upcoming Man of Steel and decides he needs to come to Earth to squash the “bug” from Krypton?

We’re speculating that the events of Man of Steel will lead in to Justice League, as Marvel did with its multiple origin stories before we got to The Avengers. Except Warner hasn’t done as much pre-planning (as far as we know), and Darkseid is very, very similar in nature to the villain the Avengers are expected to face in The Avengers 2 -- Thanos – also in 2015.

So while Darkseid is an obvious choice for a Justice League movie, do you think he’s too close to Thanos? And has Warner done enough to lay the groundwork to introduce Darkseid in time for this 2015 movie?