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Justin Bieber In Batman vs. Superman? Not So Fast.

Justin Bieber in Batman vs. Superman????? I mean, if he Instagrammed a picture of himself with the script, it has to be real, right?

We'll give the kid this much credit-- it was a good way to get a lot of people riled up on a Friday night, when he dropped this apparent selfie of himself with what looked like a real script for Batman vs. Superman. It had writers David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder listed, the real address for Warner Bros., even the source material Batman: The Dark Knight Falls, which Snyder has cited as an inspiration for the new story (though not that he's explicitly adapting it). There's even the giant "Bieber" watermark, the kind of thing that studios include to keep you from copying the script and spreading it around town (no rules against Instagramming the title page).

But, let's be real here. Like everyone else who's picked up on this image, which has been liked by 786,000 Instagram users, I call bullshit on the entire thing, starting with the idea that a copy of the Batman vs. Superman script would even be finished at this point, much less sent to a teenager without enough impulse control to keep from tweeting it. And as THR points out, Bieber had already tweeted a not-so-veiled reference to some work he's doing with a certain reputable online comedy outlet:

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Especially when you're dealing with as hot a topic as Batman vs. Superman, it's not too hard to rile people up. If fans lost their minds over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, can you imagine what would happen if Bieber joined the movie, even in a tiny role? Tossing out this kind of rumor, even one that seems patently untrue, is basically like putting chum in waters full of swimming sharks-- people will go crazy without much regard for actual logic. Is Bieber just taking a page out of Jimmy Kimmel's playbook and testing just how much he can get the Internet to believe?

This is a safe space-- you can admit if you fell for it in the comments. And hey, technically there has yet to be an official denial about Bieber getting cast, so for all we know he's making an appearance as himself, and the entire climax of Batman vs. Superman will take place at a Bieber concert. (For what it's worth, The Wrap confirmed with an anonymous source that the script is in fact a fake, in case you needed that reassurance before going to sleep tonight). We've made it to the Bieber phase of the Batman vs. Superman rumor cycle. What's next? Can Miley Cyrus get in on this somehow and make some actual heads explode?

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