Justin Timberlake Offered Lead In I'm.Mortal

Justin Timberlake is the consummate performer. He’s got hit albums and is responsible for a few of the funnier Saturday Night Light moments in recent memory. Even his turns in Alpha Dog and Black Snake Moan have proven that he’s got big screen charisma to go along with everything else he brings to the table. Now he could be moving into the sci-fi thriller genre. Deadline is reporting Timberlake has been offered the lead in the upcoming I’m.mortal. Amanda Seyfried is already attached in the female lead.

I’m.mortal is set in a futuristic dystopia where humans no longer age and the world’s currency is in the form of time allowed to spent living. The rich people get a chance to live infinitely while the rest of the common folk are forced to bargain for their life. Timberlake would play a guy who’s run out of time and takes a hostage (Seyfried) in an effort to stay alive. Andrew Niccol (Lord of War) wrote the script and will also direct.

Timberlake has a number of upcoming projects including the story of Facebook’s takeover of the world in Social Network. He’ll also star alongside Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel in next year’s Bad Teacher.

Doug Norrie

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