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Kat Dennings Is A Cutter In To Write Love On Her Arms

Kat Dennings may very well be headed toward a more regular job on television in CBS' Two Broke Girls, but don't count her movie days over. The actress has completed her part in the upcoming Thor, and now she's ready to take on Renee Yohe, the former cutter and addict that inspired To Write Love On Her Arms. In case you're not hip to the goings on in adolescent society, this whole To Write Love On Her Arms thing is basically a movement to turn teens away from self-harming behaviors. The site contains a growing number of t-shirts advocating an end to cutting and other dangerous cries for help.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, the project started principal production this week with an eye on wrapping in late March. Dennings will portray the lead as she attempts to climb out of the hole she's made for herself. Chad Michael Murray is also on board to play the cofounder of the TWLOHA project.

Nathan Frankowski, the director behind Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, will helm from a script he co-wrote with Kate King Lynch. There's a great story in here somewhere, though it remains to be seen whether the movie will find the right balance between human drama and preachiness.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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