Kathy Bates Smoked Weed With These Famous Co-Stars During A Recent Movie

Ah, this sort of explains what happened on Tammy. Everyone on the set was totally high, so they thought all the jokes were hysterical. Only, when the movie opened, no one was laughing.

That’s the new theory born of Kathy Bates’ confession that the actresses in Tammy shared "some good shit" while filming the comedy… even if they might not have inhaled. (Wink, wink.) The pot-smoking-gun was dropped during a "Plead the Fifth" segment on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, hosted by Andy Cohen. The host asked Kathy Bates who was the bigger pothead: Matthew McConaughey, who she acted alongside in Failure to Launch; or Susan Sarandon, whom she starred with in Tammy. And Bates shed her Misery by revealing that there was plenty of outstanding wacky tobacky on the Tammy set. She shared:

"Is this going to get him in trouble legally? Is this going to get me in trouble legally? I actually shared some dope with her last year. It was with Melissa McCarthy, we were shooting Tammy. … She had some good (expletive). But I didn’t inhale!"

Drugs? In Hollywood?! Well, I never.

OK, fine. Yes. There was Requiem for a Dream. But that was the only movie I can think of that…

Forget it. Point made. Drugs and Hollywood go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to comedies, from the stoner epics centered around Harold and Kumar, to the vintage adventures of Cheech and Chong. I didn’t peg Melissa McCarthy’s Tammy as a stoner comedy. Then again, the entire marketing campaign did involve McCarthy’s character breaking into a fast food joint and robbing them of cash and goodies. So I guess the clues were on the table the whole time.

Tammy earned $84 million at the domestic box office. We’re not sure how much of that profit was spent on munchies.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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