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Hurricane Sandy reportedly has delayed movement on Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, an irony that was not lost on the director. (Scan his Twitter feed for some off-the-cuff reviews of movies Aronofsky caught during the storm.) While Noah waits, leading man Russell Crowe is learning that his next feature is adding a familiar face.

Kevin Corrigan, who starred alongside Crowe in both American Gangster and The Next Three Days, will reteam with the Gladiator star for Winter’s Tale, Variety reports. The movie will be directed by longtime screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, making his directorial debut. It will be based on Mark Helprin’s novel, and will star Colin Farrell, Will Smith, William Hurt, Jennifer Connelly, Matt Bomer, Eva Marie Saint and Jessica Brown Findlay, according to casting reports.

Farrell, in the story, plays a thief who breaks into the home of a dying woman, only to fall in love with his targeted victim. Variety says Crowe has been cast as Pearly Soames, the leader of a gang who is pursuing Farrell’s character. Corrigan will play Crowe’s right-hand man at the head of the Short Tail gang. The film appears to be set in New York City in 1916.

Corrigan has been establishing an impressive resume over the past few years. In addition to his collaborations with Crowe (which paired him with directors Sir Ridley Scott and Paul Haggis), Corrigan took key supporting roles in Seven Psychopaths and Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator. Over the years, he has appeared in Scorsese’s The Departed, Unstoppable, Big Fan, and Superbad, to name just a few.

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