King Kong 360 3D Opens In Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour officially opened its newest attraction today, King Kong 360 3-D. Promoted virally over the last few months, the ride has guests sit in a tram wearing 3D glasses as they ride through a sound-stage surrounded by screens. Visitors are immersed in the world of Skull Island, being attacked by dinosaurs before a giant, 25-foot-tall King Kong arrives on the screen to protect them.

Universal has released two videos of the new exhibition, one a three minute introduction featuring director Peter Jackson, and the other being one minute of B-roll footage. Jackson tries to make the argument that 3D prevents people from feeling as though they are just riding through a tunnel surrounded by screens, but, frankly, that is exactly what it looks like. The folks in the B-roll footage look bored, and who could blame them? The original King Kong ride in Orlando, Florida had physical sets to make you feel as though you were riding through a ravaged New York City. Perhaps Hollywood's new ride looks better if you actually in the tram, but it's hard to imagine.

Watch the new videos below and check out the YouTube embed below those to see everything that is missing from this new attraction.

Looks pretty boring right? But here's the King Kong ride, the way it used to be:

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