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Kingsman: The Secret Service's Red Band Trailer Is Bloody, Beautiful

Did the kids enjoy the Inside Out trailer we dropped earlier? If so, that's awesome to hear, and we're glad to be of service. But if you're looking for something a little more adult oriented, then you might want to click on the Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer below and revel in all of the R-rated wonderment.

Thanks to IGN, we now have what's probably the most exciting look at what's already shaping up to be a fun action romp. Kingsmen: The Secret Service looks like it will be taking the less serious approach to James Bond spy work, while amping the idea up with the sensibilities that director Matthew Vaughn exhibited with his adaptation of Kick Ass. Most importantly, it's given us the first hint that this film is going to be an R-rated comedy that does not spare bullets, blood, or profanity.

Also on display in this trailer is more action and laughs than we've seen in any of the past trailers. Mark Strong gets some really good one liners, Samuel L. Jackson gets to use our favorite profanity of his again, hands are chopped off, and there's a dose of T&A. Also, did that guy's head really just explode? That definitely didn't happen in the past trailers.

Come to think of it, every other Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer has sold this film as a solid PG-13 outing, especially considering this is Vaughn's first film since X-Men: First Class. You'd think that after getting the keys to a franchise like that, he'd be pegged in the PG-13 blockbuster world, but thankfully this has proven that assumption to be dead wrong. This is especially after this trailer laid out the evil scheme of getting humanity to turn on each other all around the world. That's something that probably wouldn't be as fun if it were PG-13'd up.

It's starting to look like Kingsman: The Secret Service just might have it in itself to become an off-season hit in February, especially since it's going up against fellow R-rated would-be crowd pleaser Fifty Shades Of Grey on its opening weekend. Something tells us it's going to be a close race, which means Jupiter Ascending better grab all the money it can in the week's advance it has on both of these films. If you needed any proof that 2015 is going to be a year stuffed with interesting movies, you need not look any further than February.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is going to have to take up a whole lot of carpet, and fix some of those digital effects, for its February 13, 2015 release date.

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