Yaron Zilberman’s A Late Quartet explores illness and music, with an all-star cast that includes Academy Award winners Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken, as well as the always-lovely Catherin Keener and Mark Ivanir. The film will hit Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, and today Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is sharing an exclusive Blu-ray bonus clip with fans.

The clip is from a longer feature available with the Blu-ray set called “Discord and Harmony.” The segment looks into the origins of coming up with the idea for the film, as well as exploring a man with a disease who lives and works in an unusual setting. During the short segment, Seymour Hoffman describes A Late Quartet as a film “where the drama is life,” and that seems like the perfect descriptor for the movie, even with its oddball premise.

Speaking of its oddball premise, if you didn’t pick the plot up when watching the Blu-ray bonus clip, A Late Quartet follows a quartet of musicians who must deal with the ramifications of losing a beloved member of the team, as well as ruthless competition when one of the members of the group grows ill. The film is running at a 73% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and between the film’s unique premise and some great acting, it’s definitely worth a watch and possibly even a purchase. You can pre-order the film over at Amazon or pick it up in stores beginning on February 5.

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