Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained received a welcome shot in the arm from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which nominated the spaghetti western in a number of Golden Globes categories including Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Picture – Drama. Though the critical community has been attending screenings over the last week and a half, audiences will get their first glance at QT’s latest when it opens in theaters on Dec. 25.

To help you prepare, two extended clips from the movie landed online via Yahoo Movies and IMDB.

That first Yahoo clip takes place during the initial meeting between Django (Jamie Foxx), King Schulz (Christoph Waltz) and their intended target, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). The three parties are feeling each other out, like boxers dancing around the ring and occasionally touching gloves. It’s a great example of the acting showcase on display in Django.

The second clip, however, belongs to Kerry Washington’s Broomhilda, the slave Django’s risking everything to rescue from Candie’s clutches. And while it gives us a good look at Samuel L. Jackson’s terrifying Stephen character, it only hints at the problems he’s going to cause for Django, Broomhilda and Schultz. Click the image below to access the clip, titled “You Scarin’ Me.”

I didn’t think it's possible that Weinstein could find two clips to help tease Django that didn’t have curse words or the “N” word, which Tarantino liberally sprinkles throughout his screenplay. Will the language offend audiences? Will the violence? Or does Tarantino preach to a loyal choir who’ll gobble up whatever genre stew the director chooses to serve? The conversation will continue as Django Unchained heads toward theaters on Christmas Day.

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