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Lesbian Nursing Home Road Trip Comedy?

A few years ago Olympia Dukakis had a supporting role in a deeply affecting film set in a nursing home, Away From Her. But apparently what Dukakis really wanted was to ditch the Alzheimer's and throw in some lesbians, and thus Cloudburst was born. She and Brenda Fricker will star in the road-trip comedy, about two lesbians who break out of the nursing home where one of them now lives and set off on something resembling Thelma and Louise 2.

According to Variety Thom Fitzgerald, who previously made the AIDS drama 3 Needles, will direct the film from his own script. Not sure why today is the day of lesbian news-- see our earlier story about Annette Bening and Julianne Moore's new movie--or who on earth would be the audience for an old lesbian road trip comedy. Maybe the same people who saw Bonneville? Still, more power to Dukakis for taking on ambitious roles throughout her career, even if she can't seem to escape the nursing home.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend