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In recent years, Patrick Wilson has become a favorite in the horror community thanks to his work in the Insidious franchise and last year's The Conjuring, and there are shades of the genre in his newest film, Let's Kill Ward's Wife. But while the latest movie is all about murder and dismemberment, it's going for laughs instead of screams. Take a look at it in the debut trailer below:
The feature directorial debut of actor Scott Foley - who has a co-starring role in the movie - Let's Kill Ward's Wife follows a group of friends who wind up in serious trouble. Acknowledging that the wife of one of their own is an awful tyrant, a plan is hatched how to kill her - though the actual event comes together rather unexpectedly. Of course, getting away with murder isn't incredibly easy when the individuals involved have no idea what they're doing. In addition to Foley and Patrick Wilson, the movie also stars Donald Faison, James Carpinello, Amy Acker, Greg Grunberg and Nicollette Sheridan.

Wilson established himself as a talented actor years ago, but it's great to see him steal scenes here in a comedic role. Let's Kill Ward's Wife definitely sets him up with the best role in the bunch - the kinda crazy friend who is just a little too into the idea of murder - and Wilson plays it well. It certainly doesn't hurt that he's surrounded by a number of talented actors (especially Amy Acker, who doesn't get nearly enough film work).

Watching this trailer, I couldn't help but be reminded of director Peter Berg's extremely divisive Very Bad Things, which also centered on a group of middle aged men who wind up getting involved in a very messy situation after accidentally killing a woman. The utter and complete darkness of the comedy in that movie really required the audience to be totally on board with its tone, and while many were turned off by it, it also has its supporters. From the look of this trailer, Let's Kill Ward's Wife is going to be walking that very same line. Hopefully the cast of extremely likable actors will help.

In addition to the trailer, Tribeca Films has also released the first poster for the movie, which you can see below. Sadly, it's nothing to write home about.

Let's Kill Ward's Wife

Let's Kill Ward's Wife will be getting a limited release starting on January 9, 2015.

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