Since his screen debut in the 1979 adaptation of John Bunyan's Christiana, Northern Ireland-born actor Liam Neeson has fiercely tackled a wide array of genres. Though best known for dramas like Schindler's List and Michael Collins, he's also taken on science fiction (Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace), action-thrillers (Taken), fantasy (Wrath of the Titans) and comedy (Love Actually). But notably there is a gap when it comes to musicals. For while Neeson did star in the 1998 adaptation of Les Misérables, it was sans singing.

Thankfully songwriters and movie lovers Jon and Al Kaplan have given us a glimpse of what we're missing with their latest music video Liam Neeson: The Musical that boasts with a pretty solid impersonation of Neeson's growling Irish delivery. Check it out below, courtesy of Vulture's tip:

Showcasing clips from The Grey, Chronicles of Narnia, Darkman, Star Wars, Chloe, and more, the Kaplans not only give a fun recap of Neeson's incredible career, but also provide a great basis for their spot-on declaration of our shared love of Neeson's trademark glower power. I mean, really, isn't every day Neeson season?

The Kaplan's are also the creative force behind the hilarious viral vids The Help: The Musical, and Conan The Barbarian: The Musical as well as the stage show Silence! The Musical, a parody of Silence of the Lambs that is now playing in New York in Los Angeles. You can check out more of the pair's wild odes to movies, television and the Super Mario Bros. and get ticket info for Silence! at their website.

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