Liam Neeson could continue making Taken sequels until the cows came home (or until that particular “cash cow” dried up). And while Taken 3 certainly remains a possibility – especially with the second film earning $371M at the worldwide box office – Neeson appears ready to apply his particular set of skills to a different project.

The Oscar nominee will star in the action thriller Run All Night, which Deadline says Warner Bros. would like Jaume Collett-Sera to direct. The filmmaker recently worked with Neeson on the amnesia thriller Unknown, which was a modest hit for the studio back in 2011. They’re also currently filming the airplane-based thriller Non-Stop for Warner, so this would complete an action trilogy … or mark the beginning of an unlimited and fruitful action partnership.

Run All Night would cast Neeson as a Mob hitman who must spend an evening fighting back against his high-powered former employer in an effort to protect his estranged son. Warner Bros. picked up the spec script almost a year ago, and thinks Neeson would be an ideal head-crunching lead for yet another action movie. I continue to find it odd that Neeson, at the ripe older age of 60, is having a career rebirth as Hollywood’s most bankable action star. And I’m genuinely curious to see how long audiences will continue to believe him in this role. But for now, the Liam Neeson action train will continue to roll as the actor prepares to Run All Night, possibly with a familiar director at the helm.

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