Listen To Django Unchained's Entire Soundtrack Right Now

Where other filmmakers are content to fill their audiences ears with the latest garbage from Chris Brown, Quentin Tarantino mines the most obscure corners of the past to make his movies sound amazing. His new movie, Django Unchained continues this pattern with music from people like Brother Dege, Elisa Toffoli, Jim Croce, and Ennio Morricone (it is a spaghetti western after all).

You don’t have to wait for Django’s Christmas day release to find out what Tarantino has in store for your ears. The entire Django Unchained soundtrack is now online and available to listen to for free. In fact, you can listen to the entire thing, right now, right here…

Critics have written volumes about Quentin Tarantino’s gift for blazing dialogue, his skill at choosing actors, his penchant for wanton violence, but maybe what doesn’t get talked about enough is his knack for picking the right music. Audiences first started noticing with Uma Thurman’s dance scene in Pulp Fiction but since then Tarantino’s tastes in soundtrack accompaniment have only become more interesting, more eclectic, and more absolutely perfect. Django seems poised to continue that aural tradition.