Little Kids Reenacting The Best Picture Nominees Is Adorable

This year's list of films nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards is an eclectic one, featuring multiple sharp, powerful dramas, as well as a couple rather darkly funny comedies. But what if you were to splice a bit of adorable into that formula? Well, then you would get this brand new video bluntly titled "KIDS REENACT 2015 OSCAR NOMINEES."

This parody video comes to us courtesy of the folks over at CineFix, and I honestly found myself laughing quite a bit watching the antics. While it definitely helps that the writing is actually rather sharp and and works well with the young voices, I actually have to give a lot of credit to the young stars as well as the costuming/make-up teams who really did an awesome job here.

Seriously, the beard on "young Bradley Cooper" from American Sniper is so comedically perfect that for a half-second I actually thought it was real:

American Sniper Kid

Props are due to those who developed the wig on top of bald cap look in the Birdman parody. That portion of the video is most certainly the most bizarre of any of the segments, but double hair piece makes it.

Birdman Kid

So, if we were to select a Best Picture based on these clips, who would we choose? I'd personally pick Selma, but that's really just because of this sly, badass smile that creeps across "young David Oyelowo's" face when he realizes that he has "young Tom Wilkinson right where he wants him:

Selma Kid

If you had to choose a favorite Best Picture nominee based on these clips, who would it be? Hit the comments section below explain your choice, and be sure to stay tuned to our Oscar coverage in the run-up to the Academy Awards on February 22nd.

Eric Eisenberg
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