Luc Besson Gets Back Into Sci Fi

Prolific writer/director/producer Luc Besson has set his sights back on Science Fiction. The French movie-maker, who has been working on the Arthur films on and off for the last few years and has also written and produced two of the Transporter films, has let it be known that he is about to start writing a sci fi movie which he is sure will become a trilogy.

Besson has been involved with over 100 movies and directed 15, but none of his films have been more successful worldwide than 1998’s The Fifth Element. Element was a financial success and was nominated for numerous awards in special effects, including an Oscar. It is now considered a new sci-fi classic. Besson has recently let on that Element was conceptualized by him as a trilogy, but that his financers didn’t give the other two movies a go.

Now, Besson tells that he is read to get back to outer space. When asked if the project will be a single feature film, Besson responds “It’s long… Honestly, right now, I’m all about the characters and I didn’t divide yet….it’s a big story, I’ll see later.. Besson claims that he will definitely, without a doubt be writing this humdinger “Next year.”

I’m ready to hold him to that. Although Besson seems to have gone the selling out route by directing only children’s films in the last three years, he still has it in him to blow our minds with his fantasy imagination. With two films like The Professional and The Fifth Element on your resume, it’s almost impossible to loose cred, even if you're responsible for writing the American version of Taxi. Bring on the Trilogy! Please!