You know how half the new posters that come online or in theaters today seem to have some kind of gimmick, whether they're animated online "motion posters" or the kind of holograms that move when you walk past them in the theater lobby? We get them all the time for silly horror movies and other films that really need the attention, and yet here we are just a few weeks away from the release of Magic Mike, and the movie most deserving of a motion poster still has nothing of the kind. Instead we have this newly released, very good but very 2D poster, which you can see below-- though I challenge you not to animate it in your head while you look at it. Click on it for the high-res version.

See, there's even a 3D effect already at play here, with Channing Tatum kind of sliding out toward the audience on that stage, and all the lady hands popping up in the front to grab him. Just imagine if you could step up to this poster in a theater lobby, press a button that started playing Rihanna's "We Found Love," and then watch the guys dance on a 5-second loop. It wouldn't be much more high tech than this, and would probably have the ability to turn every movie theater lobby in America into the same kind of screaming bacchanal you see in the trailer.

And yet, nobody listens to me when they put together their posters for their big summer blockbuster releases, so it's this still poster or nothing. At least if you're hoping for more, you don't have long to wait-- Magic Mike finally opens on June 29, the day that all of our dreams come true.

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