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Break out your G-strings, firefighter costumes and body glitter! Magic Mike officially is getting a sequel, though there are going to be some major changes to the dance rotation on the main stage, so read on to see who’ll be shaking it, and who’ll be taking it somewhere else.

Original Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh is out, though we basically knew that based on the fact that he announced his semi-sort-of retirement a while back. Now Collider reports that Gregory Jacobs will be sliding into Soderbergh’s still-warm director’s chair for the sequel, which The Playlist adds will be called Magic Mike XXL.

What is this, a Super Bowl? Oh, wait. It’s a size. Will there be plus-sized dancers! Will it be a feature-length adaptation of THIS amazing clip?

Probably not. It’s probably going to be more examples of this.




And, of course:


Jacobs makes sense. He has served as Soderbergh’s assistant director on the Ocean’s trilogy, Side Effects, The Informant!, Contagion and the original Magic Mike. He’d be a natural fit. Collider noted that the sequel would be getting underway this fall. Channing Tatum has been telling people that he has an idea, a screenplay, and a strong desire to get this movie off the ground.

And why not? The first Mike earned $167 million worldwide back in 2012 (on a reported $7 million budget). That is a tremendous return on investment for Warner Bros., and an obvious case to get the oiled-up band back together. Don’t want to wait that long to see Tatum in a sequel! You’re in luck. No, he won’t be in a White House Down sequel any time soon. But he and Jonah Hill will reprise their older-than-you-think cops in 22 Jump Street, in theaters on June 13. Watch the red-band trailer, if you need a few laughs:

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