X-Men: Days of Future Past Magneto

You’ve heard of “Where’s Waldo?” Today’s game is, “Where’s Magneto?” Bryan Singer took to his overworked Twitter feed today to share an image of Michael Fassbender as the Master of Magnatism in the in-production X-Men: Days of Future Past. But he held back details as to where Fassbender is standing during the shoot. Or, given the time-travel concept of the storyline, the better question might be when is Fassbender during this shoot?

I like Singer’s tagline on this Twitter photo, “The dark knight rises.” From the looks of it, Fassbender is standing on a platform, probably simulating levitation. But he isn’t in full costume as Magneto, so it doesn't seem that he's battling anyone. The building in the background suggests Washington, D.C. (and we did see Richard Nixon’s Oval Office recently, so a D.C. setting is entirely possible). But it could also be Europe, or ANY city for that matter, so I’m merely speculating.

Yet, that’s what Singer wants, right? Speculation? Because he has been as active as anyone – save for Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb – when it comes to social media and posting set images. In the process of making X-Men: Days of Future Past Singer is redefining how a blockbuster director uses the Internet to share but not spoil. And I have to wonder how many people are going to mimic his approach going forward … and how many studios are going to suffer sleepless nights because of it.

X-Men: Days of Future Past continues to shoot. It will be in theaters next summer, telling an X-Men story that spans generations as it brings together the cast of First Class with the original X-Men of the original trilogy. Are you excited?

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