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Will Man Of Steel Feature A Female Jimmy Olsen?

We already know that Zack Snyder will be changing up the staff at the Daily Planet in his upcoming Superman flick Man of Steel. Lois Lane, who is typically drawn and portrayed as a brunette, will be played as a redhead by Amy Adams; and the director also cast Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, a normally Caucasian character. But has Snyder also turned Jimmy Olsen into a female character?

That's the latest rumor that's spreading around thanks to Comic Book Movie, and the truth is that they make some fairly interesting arguments. As it stands, "Jimmy Olsen," a photojournalist at the Daily Planet and sorta sidekick to Superman, doesn't appear in the cast listing for Man of Steel on IMDb, however, an actress named Rebecca Buller, previously only credited for one episode of NBC's The Playboy Club, is listed as "Jenny Olsen." Because IMDB isn't very reliable when it comes to movies that haven't been released yet, any other day we would just dismiss this story as speculative, but CBM presents one other piece of evidence:

That is a still from the trailer that was released a few months ago and while that's obviously Fishburne in the image, the actress with him actually does look quite a bit like Buller, whose image you can see below:

Now, because the trailer came out so long ago it's possible that somebody previously spotted this and then messed with the IMDb page to screw with everybody, but for now it remains a question mark. I will ask this, though: would you have a problem with Jimmy Olsen being portrayed as a woman in Man of Steel?

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