You should know the drill by now, but here is the warning anyway: this video contains many, many SPOILERS, people, so if those are your kryptonite you may just want to check out something else on the site.

Zack Snyder’s mayhem-filled Man of Steel did at least a few things right by most people. The effects work, while entirely too abundant, was all quite attractive, and Michael Shannon’s Zod was as crazyballs as he needed to be. But then there was everything else. This unexpectedly lacking and hopeless side of the film takes center stage in Screen Junkies’ spot-on latest edition of Honest Trailers, which travels all over the universe to poke fun at the motivations behind Snyder’s work, particularly the Christopher Nolan influence. "Because God forbid a Superman movie be any damned fun for anybody."

Starring British actor Henry Cavill and his crumpet-ish acting, Man of Steel took a lot of criticism upon its release for how exceedingly violent and destructive the film got as it went on (it’s like watching the similarly explosive end of the Avengers and having the theater you’re in get demolished.) Honest Trailers spends a fair amount of time talking about. After pointing out all of the things the Man of Tomorrow managed to destroy, they make a good argument of how useless Superman’s dilemma is, as he ends up letting both outcomes happen anyway, ending in the deaths of thousands of people - if not millions. It may not be truth or justice, but I’m pretty sure that’s the American way.

My favorite portions of these videos is the "cast listing," and they don’t disappoint, with Specific Zod and April O’Neil - not to mention the "pin art desk toy things," which I used to also put my face into, but with the assumption that I would gag if I knew the large amount of germ transference going on there.

But not even this Honest Trailer could make real light of the fact that Superman, one of the most iconic visions of altruism ever conceived, up and broke Zod’s neck like dry spaghetti. That was pretty heavy and all, although I don’t know why a villain would just take Supe’s non-murderous ways for granted. Luckily, Screen Junkies has plenty of fun teasing Superman for his newfound knack for twisting heads.

Don’t forget that the Man of Steel Blu-rays and DVDs came out yesterday, so snatch that up at your nearest Best Buy, before getting a bite at IHOP with a drink of Coca Cola.
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