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Thus far, the only shots we've seen of Michael Shannon on the set of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel have featured the actor wearing a motion-capture suit. As a result, many have been led to believe that General Zod's costume would be entirely CGI, Shannon even confirming the gray spandex in an interview earlier this month. But for those that saw Green Lantern this summer and weren't impressed by the computer graphics, I have good news: General Zod wears a practical suit as well.

On set photos of Shannon in costume have popped up over on the film's unofficial Facebook page. Check out the photos below, which we taken by Facebook user Ed Larom.

Looking at the costume, you may notice that it looks familiar. This is because it's basically an all-black version of the new Superman costume. It's somewhat hard to see, but Zod's suit has the same gauntlets on the wrist and the same moldings on the sides and back. Also, it could be the lighting, but it looks like Zod is rocking a chin goatee. So now we're left with a question: if Zod does have a practical costume, what exactly is going on when he's wearing the motion-capture outfit? I guess that will just be one of the surprises for when Man of Steel arrives on June 13, 2013.