The Man of Steel marketing materials are striking a distinct balance between the character’s legacy and the hero in action. The closer we’re getting to the film’s release date, the more that Zack Snyder’s movie is calling to mind Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins … and I doubt that is a mistake. Nolan’s brilliant franchise reboot paid homage to Batman’s history while also updating the character’s role in a contemporary world. And that seems to be exactly what Snyder is trying hard to do here.

The above TV spot uses Russell Crowe’s narration as Jor-El, Superman’s father, as he contemplates his infant son’s destiny on our planet. It’s integral to finding out where Superman fits, on screen and off, in this current cinematic landscape. At the same time, Snyder knows that audiences coming to another Superman movie want action, and that’s what Warner Bros. suggests in the latest poster for the film, which just landed on Yahoo Movies. Check it out below. Man of Steel poster

Henry Cavill looks great as Superman. He has some pretty big boots to fill when it comes to Christopher Reeve, who still casts a shadow over anyone playing the iconic role, even though several other actors have portrayed Superman over the years. But most of what we are seeing (and hearing) regarding Snyder’s Man of Steel suggests that this will be a winning summer blockbuster that restores the film community’s faith in Kal-El as a character, and Superman as a lucrative franchise for Warner and D.C., both.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14.

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