Man Of Steel Trailer Screenshots Reveal Kryptonian Dragonflies And Superman Dodging Bullets

A trailer can’t tell you everything about a film, but if Man of Steel is even half as amazing as the trailer that premiered earlier tonight, we may be getting to see something incredibly special hit theaters this summer. From Jor-El’s pride-filled goodbye to his son at the beginning to Jonathan Kent’s embrace of his boy in the middle to the epic Superman vs. General Zod action at the end, the latest trailer is easily one of the best that I have ever seen, and somehow makes me even more excited for the movie than I was previously (which was considerable). The biggest flaw with trailers, however, particularly ones for action blockbusters, is that they are cut so quickly that sometimes it’s hard to savor the smallest bits and details. So that’s why we created the screencap gallery you see below.

So what are those little details that you might have missed the first time around? How about the dragonfly-type creatures flying around Krypton?

Kryptonian Dragonfly

Or this spaceship landing near Kent Farm?

spaceship at Kent farm

How about this shot of the Fortress of Solitude?

Fortress of Solitude

Or Superman dodging gunfire?

Superman dodges bullets

How about this shot of LexCorp hidden in the background (thanks to fdisk for the tip!)


And those images are only scratching the surface of what the new spot has to offer. Browse around our gallery below – which features a total of 84 images – and then head to our comments section below to let us know what you think of the new trailer.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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